YYJ Healthcare Workers Housing.

This website is a service to connect property owners that have one or more available furnished suites with healthcare workers that are looking for short-term housing during the Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria, BC. 

Many health care workers do not want to go home to their families during this time and are looking for separate, furnished accommodation at a low but reasonable cost for the duration of the next several weeks to few months, starting immediately.

An example guideline for cost is $1,000/month for a place that has two beds, inclusive of all utilities. We suggest rent be pro-rated weekly to avoid putting a burden on health care workers that will have to pay for their regular mortgage or rent in addition to the cost of separate housing to protect their loved ones. This price guideline is a compromise between market rent, and the price that staff can reasonably afford in their budget on top of their existing mortgage or rent.

Please note the team that runs this service has not done any due diligence or screening on any of the offers, we are simply an information service to help connect available properties to those in need.

For Property Owners

  1. Fill in the Google Form with your pertinent property information and wait for calls or emails from health care workers.

    Properties must be furnished with a separate entry and wifi, and available at a significantly reduced cost during this exceptional time. Ideally, properties will have laundry available and be within a convenient commuting distance to Royal Jubilee or Victoria General.

  2. When your listing is filled or you’d like to pull your opening, email carehousingvictoria@gmail.com with the phrase “Listing Complete” in the email subject line. In the body of the email, let us know your name and listing to remove.
  3. If you need to amend your listing for any reason, email carehousingvictoria@gmail.com with the phrase “Listing Amendment” in the email subject line.

For Health Care Workers

  1. Fill in the Google Form.

  2. Someone from this team will send you the available listings with the information we have on those properties. For flexibility, you may want to connect with one or a few friends or co-workers that you could rent a suite with. 

  3. If you need an updated copy of the sheet after 24 hours, email carehousingvictoria@gmail.com with the phrase “Spreadsheet Request” in the email subject line. The spreadsheet will only be provided to health care workers that have filled in the form with their information previously: you cannot request a copy of the spreadsheet via email the first time around.

Please refrain from any other communications to the email address provided to allow us to effectively administer requests and offers! If you want to say “thanks”, please post a link on social media and thank us there. Please also share with any BNBs, AirBnB hosts, property owners with empty suites, nurses, paramedics, doctors, care aids, administrators and other health care workers you know in Victoria.

Want to start this program in another city across Canada? 

Email carehousingvictoria@gmail.com with “New City” in the subject line. You are welcome to copy the idea, this text, and the workflow process.

This page is made with ❤ by Nathan Sorochan of YYJLocalsForLocals.com

Thanks for the ❤️

With BC reopening, our jobs are too (those that weren’t doing both already). This was an entirely volunteer project with no funding what-so-ever, so we knew it wasn’t going to last forever. We’ve decided to no longer take on new requests.

We managed to help a bunch of businesses we love, and make some great friends along the way. For the next little bit, the site will stay online as a testement to our wonderful volunteers. If someone is interested in taking the keys to the project to help it live on, please email the website key keeper, nathansorochan@gmail.com with a proposal. 

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